Save the date: what are the three questions to ask yourself when creating a wedding invitation?

Save The Date

Are you ready to Save The Date?
Wedding organisation is comparable to conducting an orchestra: it is essential to notice each melody and ensure it harmonises with others, creating a beautiful symphony. Each detail should be meticulously thought through yet align with the whole ensemble. While being a self-sufficient attribute of your wedding, the invitation is to align with the character of the ceremony. In other words, a good invitation correlates with the style, sets the tone, and stays as a memory of the event afterwards. Here are some guideline questions that will help you determine your choice: from paper to quantity. 

Get inspired by some Save The Date examples we collected from The Letterist and Kseniia Titova



What is the style of my ceremony?  

For most of your guests the invitation is the first notice about your event. It will awake the first images, setting the tone of the marriage ceremony in their imagination. You may think of it as a symbol, an integral part of the design of the event. Will the color of the font blend with the flower decorations or maybe the paper will echo the fabrics of your dress? 


What are my values?

Much like with the rest of preparations, it is essential to listen to your inner self: what message would you like to transmit? While being aesthetically accordant with the ceremony, it will be outstanding if the wording and the message will coherently hint the guests about the feeling of the celebration. For instance, you don’t have to make it too structured if your fest will be relaxed and cool. And, of course, let us not forget the main purpose of the invitation: to awake the guest’s interest to celebrate that day with you! 

How many invitations do I need?

When deciding on the amount of the invitations, it is better to think of the number of households and not of the actual invitees. To understand the amount vaguely, you can start by dividing the guest list by two, then adding the approximate number of singe persons. To better prepare yourself, make sure you have around 5% of the additional copies. Save the date and Good luck!


by Liza Lopatina