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        Micro Wedding trends during a pandemic. Why is the micro wedding becoming more and more popular among modern couples? 

        micro wedding Ariana Grande

        Needless to remind, we have experienced a rollercoaster of restrictions and easings in the past one and a half year: from the allowed number of the guests on the wedding ceremony to the authorised venues for the party. Consequently, it was a matter of necessity for brides and grooms to opt for a smaller ceremony, or a micro wedding. However, it soon became clear that is not a forced second choice, but an interesting alternative option that is actively being practiced in Europe and the USA. Here is why.

        micro wedding Ariana Grande

        1. It is more secure. In the time of constant change, a huge pompous party, with guests from abroad somewhere in a vast hotel, is exposed to the risk of being cancelled at any moment. Micro wedding can save you from bad surprises by being more mobile. 
        2. It is more intimate. List of the invitees to a wedding in a traditional format is limitless. Micro wedding gives you an opportunity to dedicate time to each of your guests. Since it is more common to invite the closest ones from family and friends to a smaller ceremony, it fills the celebration with warmth and comfort.
          micro wedding Ariana Grande
        3. It is good for your budget. The costs will reduce solely due to the narrower circle of the invitees. For example, it allows a couple to choose a smaller venue for the celebration of the union, or even prolong it to a romantic garden, if the ceremony is planned for the warmer times.
        4. There are less preparations. Micro wedding saves you from the anxiety to forget or miss out some one of the endless details. Such a format gives more time for yourself, keeping away a lot of organizational work, from the buffet menu and the number of champagne bottles to the venue preparations.
          micro wedding Ariana Grande
        5. You can enjoy the best elements of a bigger wedding. A micro wedding might spare you some arrangements, but under no circumstances will it keep you away from savoring the crême de la crême of the celebration. You will appreciate planning a luxurious reception with wedding designers, florists, photographers and, of course, a stunning gown.
          Micro Wedding
        6. Micro wedding is getting popular with stars. Ariana Grande chose a minimalistic intimate ceremony for her wedding in May 2021. The pop star married Dalton Gomez at her home in California, which was romantically decorated with candles and flowers. It was, indeed, a perfect example of a modern, stylish and refreshing ceremony.

        by Liza Lopatina