The most romantic locations in London

London is coming back to life.

From 4 July pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open both indoors and outdoors if they put in safety guidelines.

I can’t believe how great this news is. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we leave the pandemics behind, but the idea of having a cup of coffee in my favourite place is so attractive. 

The whole list of businesses that will be open is just fantastic: 

      • hotels
      • B&Bs 
      • campsites 
      • hair salons 
      • playgrounds 
      • museums
      • galleries
      • theme parks 
      • outdoor gyms 
      • libraries
      • community centres

 After being locked in your area for so long, it is difficult to imagine that our life is coming back.

As I am a London wedding photographer, I can’t forget mentioning that weddings will be allowed to have 30 attendees.

To celebrate this most significant change since March, I am sharing the list of the most romantic locations in London. 

If you feel that you need to pass the time during the last days of lockdown, let yourself see the absolutely different city.

Shad Thames

Shad Thames is my personal favourite. It is so close to the city, the Tower Bridge and red London buses, but you still stay hidden in a quiet nook. The view is just precious, and the location is surrounded by great cafes and restaurants. But moreover, it is an ideal location for a proposal. 

St. Pauls & One New Change

One New Change roof-top terrace has become one of the most favourite spots among professional photographers in London. It is one of the most romantic London locations with the best view. So if you are a fan of great Instagram pictures and the stone-cold gorgeous view of St Paul’s Cathedral, One New Change is a spot to visit. 

Greenwich Park 


I have discovered Greenwich Park differently during this quarantine period. Walking up the hills feels like conquering London with an unrivalled view appearing with each step.

This park reminds me of how much of a Londoner I am. But of course, it is one of the locations which would be enjoyed a thousand times more when you are with your date.

Covent Garden

I wasn’t sure if I should add Covent Garden to this selection. It used to be so crowdy, so lively before the Coronavirus outbreak. Still, when we visited Covent Garden during the quarantine, I couldn’t recognise it. The atmosphere was so different. Covent Garden of nowadays is empty, airy, but even more romantic. When walking down the streets, you will feel like it belongs to you.

Primrose Hill & Regents Park


Leave all your troubles on your way up the hill. The view of the fairy city lights is unbelievable. Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine, a few books and spend the longest days watching London. But the most scenic experience is to meet a sunset. Just try it.

 The royal gardens of Regents park will hide you in their blooming greenery from the prying eyes of endless passers-by, giving the most intimate feeling.