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          Art of being a wedding photographer

          Still Miracle London Photography Studio is famous throughout the UK and far beyond its borders for its unique approach which blends together creativity, romance, natural storytelling and reportage style.


          Choosing a fine art wedding photographer is an essential stage of your wedding preparations. We know it is a vital choice, and it is more complicated than it seems to be. When choosing a wedding photographer, you actually find a professional you can rely on, and you can trust the responsibility to capture the most cherished moments in your life.

          Still Miracle Photography Studio are totally on your side, and we are convinced that the perfect photographer becomes a real friend on your wedding day. Do you feel like making new friends?


          Still Miracle Photography’s vision is based on our belief in fairy tales, real love, magic, and happy ends. Beauty and indescribably strong love inspire us. Our mission as award-winning wedding photographers in London is to capture your feelings, pause them for a moment (like stopping a favourite cartoon), and make your love last forever.

          We are sure that you are not only looking for a professional wedding photographer, but for someone who can resonate with your love story. Because if one does, your love story will turn into real magic.


          Being in love means being happy by default. Your love story is unique, soulful, and inspiring. That is why we wish to make you even happier and do our best to capture the moments of your love with your own meaning in it.

          Still Miracle Photography takes your love story personally.

          Together with our creative wedding photographer, you are going to discover a timeless experience. So when you look back on your photographs years from now in the future, you will feel like falling in love again and again…

          London Wedding Photographer

          • ARTISTIC •
          • ELEGANT •
          • INSPIRING •

          BRITISH VOGUE, June 2020

          “Artistic and meaningful wedding photography is made possible by Still Miracle.

          Still Miracle is an international award-winning brand specialising in wedding photography and videography. It is famous throughout the UK and far beyond its borders for its unique style in documenting the soulful and intimate details of your day by personally resonating with your story.”

          Editorial photographer London

          LOVE is a Miracle

          We make your dream pictures come true by capturing every moment of your unique love story.

          Each moment is a STILL MIRACLE.


          We had our wedding photographs taken by Diana from Still Miracle London Photography. She is just wonderful! As a wedding photographer, Diana was very flexible and caring; she went above and beyond for us. She played a significant role in our big day and made our wedding photography special.

          The pictures are amazing, and we got so many compliments from our families and friends. If you are a fan of documentary style photography, Diana is definitely your choice. All her wedding photography is very spontaneous, natural and artistic, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much; our big day would not have been the same without you!

          Qi Chen


          We had a fantastic experience with Diana. She expertly directed our engagement photoshoot. I would particularly highlight her responsiveness, flexibility and high standards. The end result totally exceeded our expectations. Am looking forward to working with her again. Would recommend 10 out of 10 and will definitely book her as a wedding photographer!

          Jamie Davies


          Can’t recommend Still Miracle London Photography Studio more! Diana, our wedding photographer, was so kind and kept me so calm on my wedding day.

          The photographs were more than I could have dreamed of, I can’t even start to pick which ones I want to have printed! I sent her a mood board of style of wedding photography I wanted and she totally delivered! Definitely recommend booking Still Miracle for your wedding.

          Freya Louise Swain


          I would like to thank Still Miracle Wedding Photography Studio for making our special day truly unforgettable. Diana can't be characterised as just a good wedding photographer with professional equipment; she is a lot more. The thing is that even the best camera in the world is not capable of catching something that can only be caught by heart. And Diana did it. Thank you so much! The time you spent with us will never be forgotten.

          Anna Ponomareva


          Unbelievably talented! Photographer Diana sees art in ways you can only imagine.

          As a fellow photographer, I was so happy when Diana agreed to shoot our wedding and the results were even better than I imagined. All our guests that have seen the wedding book want Still Miracle to shoot their special day. Diana is an amazing talent!

          Anton Legore


          I spent months looking for the best photographer for my wedding day. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a portfolio who would entirely convince me. The moment I came across Still Miracle, I knew it! We not only booked her for our wedding photos but we also booked an engagement photoshoot.

          I have to say the outcome of both has been amazing!!! As a wedding photographer, Diana was so creative, flexible and made our dream pictures come true. The shooting, editing and everything this takes were 100% professional.

          Gabriela Bibby


          I'm absolutely happy with the results of my wedding photoshoot in London made by Still Miracle! Diana is extremely talented, I do think her vision is unique. And she is nice and funny, it's very comfortable to work with Diana as a wedding photographer. Also, we received photos very fast compared to other photographers and the pictures are just great!

          Evgeniya Kamysheva

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          Art of Being a Wedding Photographer

          Being a wedding photographer is not a profession; it is a life purpose –  to capture the most cherished moments in people’s lives. Unarguably, photography is a true art, and as artists, wedding photographers depict  and portray meaningful emotions and feelings. The art of photography is to capture the timeless moments and forever lasting-memories of the couple being happy and in love.

           Our creative wedding photographer always applies a special approach which combines both the sense of style and sense of natural emotion. It infuses every single photo story. Genuine dedication and passion shine through all the wedding photography projects completed by Still Miracle London Photography Studio. Our wedding photographer is always an artist who creates stylish, fresh, and beautiful photographs that really capture the precious moments and beauty of your lifetime events.


          Wedding Bookings for 2022/2023 are Open

          Feel free to book us through the website, email or our Instagram. We do our best to make the whole wedding planning process easier for you and ensure that each photoshoot is booked flawlessly.