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          Art of being a wedding photographer

          Still Miracle London Photography Studio is famous throughout the UK and far beyond its borders for its unique approach which blends together creativity, romance, natural storytelling and reportage style.


          Selecting a fine art wedding photographer marks a pivotal juncture in your wedding preparations—a decision of profound significance, surpassing mere simplicity. This choice unfolds as a journey, leading to a professional who stands as both guardian and curator of the most cherished moments within your life’s narrative.

          As an internationally acclaimed presence in the world of weddings, we’re acutely attuned to the weight of this choice. We understand the sacred trust that’s placed upon us—to encapsulate the essence of your love story. In our vision, the photographer becomes an intimate ally, a genuine friend in the realm of your wedding day. Feel the warmth of camaraderie as though forging new friendships.


          At the heart of Still Miracle Photography lies a belief in the extraordinary—fairy tales woven in reality, enduring love stories, the enchantment of magical beginnings, and the resplendent finale that follows. Drawn from this belief, our mission as lauded wedding photographers in London is to arrest emotions, holding them in suspension like a pause button on a beloved story, etching your love indelibly into the annals of time.

          The search is not merely for a proficient wedding photographer; it’s an exploration for a kindred spirit who resonates with your unique love narrative. Because when alignment occurs, your love story unfurls as living magic, transcending pixels and ink.


          Love, at its core, is an expanse of eternal happiness. Your love story, an irreplaceable tapestry, interwoven with the very fabric of your souls. It’s our endeavour to magnify your joy—to encapsulate moments laden with your personal symphonies.

          Enter the realm of Still Miracle Photography, where we don’t merely capture photos; we encapsulate feelings. Collaborating alongside our visionary wedding photographer, you’re embarked on a journey through timelessness. When you revisit these captured fragments years hence, a symphony of emotions will ensue—a ceaseless cascade of falling in love anew.

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          • ELEGANT •
          • INSPIRING •

          BRITISH VOGUE, June 2020

          “Artistic and meaningful wedding photography is made possible by Still Miracle.

          Still Miracle is an international award-winning brand specialising in wedding photography and videography. It is famous throughout the UK and far beyond its borders for its unique style in documenting the soulful and intimate details of your day by personally resonating with your story.”

          LOVE is a Miracle

          Step into a world where romance is met with worldwide acclaim. Still Miracle renowned across continents, invites you to entrust your moments to a name celebrated in the UK, Europe & beyond.


          We had our wedding photographs taken by Diana from Still Miracle London Photography. She is just wonderful! As a wedding photographer, Diana was very flexible and caring; she went above and beyond for us. She played a significant role in our big day and made our wedding photography special.

          The pictures are amazing, and we got so many compliments from our families and friends. If you are a fan of documentary style photography, Diana is definitely your choice. All her wedding photography is very spontaneous, natural and artistic, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much; our big day would not have been the same without you!

          Qi Chen


          We had a fantastic experience with Diana. She expertly directed our engagement photoshoot. I would particularly highlight her responsiveness, flexibility and high standards. The end result totally exceeded our expectations. Am looking forward to working with her again. Would recommend 10 out of 10 and will definitely book her as a wedding photographer!

          Jamie Davies


          Can’t recommend Still Miracle London Photography Studio more! Diana, our wedding photographer, was so kind and kept me so calm on my wedding day.

          The photographs were more than I could have dreamed of, I can’t even start to pick which ones I want to have printed! I sent her a mood board of style of wedding photography I wanted and she totally delivered! Definitely recommend booking Still Miracle for your wedding.

          Freya Louise Swain


          I would like to thank Still Miracle Wedding Photography Studio for making our special day truly unforgettable. Diana can't be characterised as just a good wedding photographer with professional equipment; she is a lot more. The thing is that even the best camera in the world is not capable of catching something that can only be caught by heart. And Diana did it. Thank you so much! The time you spent with us will never be forgotten.

          Anna Ponomareva


          Unbelievably talented! Photographer Diana sees art in ways you can only imagine.

          As a fellow photographer, I was so happy when Diana agreed to shoot our wedding and the results were even better than I imagined. All our guests that have seen the wedding book want Still Miracle to shoot their special day. Diana is an amazing talent!

          Anton Legore


          I spent months looking for the best photographer for my wedding day. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a portfolio who would entirely convince me. The moment I came across Still Miracle, I knew it! We not only booked her for our wedding photos but we also booked an engagement photoshoot.

          I have to say the outcome of both has been amazing!!! As a wedding photographer, Diana was so creative, flexible and made our dream pictures come true. The shooting, editing and everything this takes were 100% professional.

          Gabriela Bibby


          I'm absolutely happy with the results of my wedding photoshoot in London made by Still Miracle! Diana is extremely talented, I do think her vision is unique. And she is nice and funny, it's very comfortable to work with Diana as a wedding photographer. Also, we received photos very fast compared to other photographers and the pictures are just great!

          Evgeniya Kamysheva

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          The Artistry of a Wedding Photographer’s Journey

          Being a wedding photographer isn’t just a profession—it’s a life’s calling, a commitment to capturing life’s most cherished fragments. Photography, in its purest form, is an art. As artists, wedding photographers eloquently convey profound emotions and sentiments, freezing them in time.

          Photography’s essence lies in immortalizing the fleeting, seizing moments that etch themselves into the tapestry of eternity. At Still Miracle London Photography Studio, our creative wedding photographer seamlessly marries style with heartfelt emotion. Each photograph spun is a story in itself, carefully interweaving authenticity and artistry.

          Here, within the very core of our studio, dedication and passion converge. Every project breathes with our genuine devotion, a pledge to excellence that shines through. Our wedding photographer stands as an artist, weaving together elegance, freshness, and beauty, crafting images that encapsulate the essence of life’s most precious occasions.

          As emotions cascade and moments dance, we etch your story onto the canvas of time—a timeless saga of love and celebration.

          Our creative wedding photographer always applies a special approach which combines both a sense of style and a sense of natural emotion. It infuses every single photo story. Genuine dedication and passion shine through all the wedding photography projects completed by Still Miracle. Our wedding photographer is always an artist who creates stylish, fresh, and beautiful photographs that really capture the precious moments and beauty of your lifetime events.


          Wedding Bookings for 2024/2025 are Open

          Feel free to book us through the website, email or our Instagram. We do our best to make the whole wedding planning process easier for you and ensure that each photoshoot is booked flawlessly.