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        For All Loving Hearts

        Still Miracle has grown up from a belief in fairy-tales, magic and happy-ends. Beauty and indescribably strong love inspire us. And our main goal is to "catch" you feelings, pause them for a moment, like stoping favourite cartoon on a favourite part, making it last forever.

        We are sure that you are not only looking for the best wedding photographer, but for someone who can resonate with your story. Because if it does, the love story becomes a real magic.

        London Wedding Photographer

        A bit more...

        Through our dedication, professionalism and exceptional quality standard of photography, Still Miracle has built a strong international reputation in the luxury wedding and portrait genres.

        Our studio has been led by the award-winning photographer and journalist Diana Vartanova who believes photography is always an art.

        Still Miracle Photography and our team members won several awards from the biggest wedding portals and photography contests. We are recommended by the top wedding agencies, suppliers and venues in the UK. We regularly participate in the international wedding shows, exhibitions and various charitable projects.


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        Love is Unique | Soulful | Inspiring

        Being in love means being beautiful by default. And of course every story is unique, soulful and inspiring. That's why we want to catch the moments of love and beauty with your meaning in it. We want to create a timeless experience, so when you look back on the photos years from now, you will feel like falling in love again.