How to plan wedding and travel during covid pandemic ?

How to plan wedding and travel during covid pandemic ?

In 2020, COVID-19 outbreak seriously affected the wedding industry in all the countries. It literally became a nightmare to plan wedding during the pandemic: unpredicted lockdowns and travel restrictions made most of the weddings planned for 2020 impossible. There is a similar outlook for the weddings in 2021.

In the new era of COVID-19 weddings, it became clear that the best things in life aren’t things. Love gives us the strength and hope to move on. We all felt that it is really easier to overcome difficulties with our truly beloved one. But the most important what we realised is that love cannot be paused.

After the first UK lockdown, we at Still Miracle learned new strategies of planning weddings, adapted the way our wedding photography studio works and continued to accept new bookings. This compelled pause taught us not to be afraid of new travel restrictions and inconsistency of the rules.

Useful Online Tools to Plan Travel under Covid Restrictions

Despite international travel restrictions introduced by the countries throughout the world, it is still possible to travel and even to have wedding ceremonies and celebrations. To help you to navigate through the complicated and constantly changing rules, border restrictions, quarantine information and Covid testing requirements, we have collected some of the most useful and free online tools which can make your life easier:

Even if the wedding industry conditions keep changing, we are sure there is still a way to plan your wedding. We are happy to share our five suggestions on planning wedding during the pandemic that instil confidence in your hearts.

  1. Be always prepared to reschedule your wedding date

The most important is to agree with all the vendors and the venue that in case of any change of the situation for worse, you will be able to reschedule the date or to get a full refund of a deposit if someone can’t postpone the date.

2. Conduct all meetings online

You can still meet potential photographers, decorators, florists etc, even during the lockdown. There is literally no difference in terms of the impression that you will get, and most of the professionals will have more time and energy to answer your questions when stuck at home. We have Zoom and Skype calls with our couples scheduled for each stage of preparation to plan wedding in full detail and get to know each other even better than before the pandemic. Modern conditions and technologies make it easy to keep in touch and quickly resolve important issues in messengers.

3. Arrange a menu tasting at home

It has become a surprise for us but some leading wedding catering offer wedding dinner menu tasting delivered to your door, including cakes and cocktails. This sounds even more exciting and might even become a perfect way of spending a weekend evening.

4. Take care of each other and professionals invited

The whole world understood it is dangerous to be heroic and come to a wedding even with a basic cold. We suggest always doing a test with the first signs of illness and invite all vendors to do a test a few days before the event, as we do at Still Miracle. Your wedding is important but we can’t forget we are all responsible not only for our own health but also for the health of those around us.

5. Plan wedding and don’t panic, everything will be fine

We have been helping our brides and grooms to reschedule almost all 2020 weddings, and the most important thing we’ve learnt is that there is always a solution. Stay calm and positive even if you can’t find it yet. Adding a bitter taste to your wedding memories won’t do any good. We all know that there is always a happy end, and in the end, 2020 wedding season has shown that love is stronger than any circumstances. Remember that when you plan wedding.

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