How To Create an Unforgettable Wedding Atmosphere?

Blankets, fairy lights and every little thing that you might have forgotten when trying to create a wedding atmosphere full of magic, style and cosiness.

create a wedding atmosphere

In the pre-wedding fuss, it’s easy to forget that a great wedding – it’s not the one where everyone perfectly complies with the timing, but the one, where there is an atmosphere of love, magic and special aesthetics of a couple. You can only create a wedding atmosphere you dream of with love and a sincere desire to become husband and wife (but if you are reading this text, we at Still Miracle believe that you already feel this way). Therefore, we are here to pay your attention to little details that can help to create a magical, cosy atmosphere and build up the mood of your wedding.


Do not underestimate the power of candles: the enchanting soft light immediately envelops the space with warmth, adds intimacy and a little pleasantly mysterious mood. Definitely candles create the atmosphere of romance! And if you choose scented candles,  the unique fragrance will become forever associated with your wedding.

create a wedding atmosphere

The decor on the tables

If you are planning a banquet, then your guests will spend most of the wedding day at the table or at least until starting to dance. Therefore, it is so important that their eyes delight not only yummy dishes but also natural beauty right in front of them. Bouquets, compositions of dried flowers, fruits, pebbles, shells and much more – professional decorators can always suggest the best-fit details for the wedding concept.

create a wedding atmosphere

Fairy Lights

I guess each bride wants to feel like a princess, and of course, fairy lights make it so easy. They are my personal number one at any wedding. Garlands of small lights can create a wedding atmosphere like nothing else. They transform any wedding location in a magical place that steals your heart.

Dress code

Stylishly dressed guests, who support the wedding colour palette, bring the atmosphere of a wedding to a whole new level. It doesn’t mean having the same dresses for bridesmaids: ask your guests to choose outfits in muted warm colours or to give preference to pastel shades. Believe me, this will make the wedding much more beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and more thoughtful, and you will not take your eyes off the harmonious pictures.

Blankets and umbrellas

Many couples are now preparing for their autumn weddings, and I want to warn them – the London weather in September-October can bring unpleasant surprises. Guests will highly appreciate if they can warm themselves in a cosy blanket at the exit ceremony, and in case of rain, they will not worry about where to get an umbrella. These are simple gestures of concern that create a wedding atmosphere of participation and support in a family celebration. But there is a little trick: transparent umbrellas won’t throw unwanted colourful shades, like black or red umbrellas guest might carry with themselves. So you can potentially add the umbrellas are provided in the invitations.

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