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        Dressing up for a wedding: what should guests wear? Today we are looking into Wedding Guests Outfits with Xenia Motif

        wedding guest outfit

        As we often say, a wedding celebration is an entity where each detail matters, and the looks constitute a great part of them. Undeniably, there is no shortage in advice on apparel for brides and grooms, but what about the wedding guests outfits? Xenia Motif, an event creator, has given us some guidance on this matter.

        When planning a wedding, should the couple determine the dress code for guests?

        wedding guests outfit

        A wedding is a celebration of the couple, it is created for them primarily, but also because the couple wants to share this special day with their guests, and want them to feel the unique atmosphere. In that sense, I think everyone, including photographers, decorators, the couple and their guests work as co-creators of something truly special. It works only if all contributors work in the same direction. A perfect event for me is one where all details exist in harmony. 

        That is why I do believe that a smart dress code contributes to this general aesthetic and the correct perception of the original design idea. A simple but powerful act of dressing up already sets the mood, —  when everyone comes together on the day, looking smart and bubbling with happy anticipation it is clear that night is bound to be magical. 

        Setting a dress code for wedding guests outfits might seem complicated or restrictive to some, but I think it is actually a great help. Not everyone has an innate or acutely developed sense of style, and some of your guests might actually struggle to find a fitting outfit for your event, unless you help them — through a dress code, of course. 

        Is there anything you would recommend to avoid?

        wedding guests outfit

        From the couple’s point of view — I would avoid giving your guests too rigid guidelines. Instead of giving them a limited colour choice, provide them with more room for improvisation. It is always best to give a range of two or three colours, and explain the style of the party (is it a formal dinner or a casual dancing reception, etc). Never ask for specific silhouettes or designs, your guests will not appreciate it.

        According to the trendsetting media, elegance, minimalism and individuality are “titans” of the contemporary wedding. How do it does it apply to the guest dress code? 

        wedding guests outfit

        I agree, elegance, minimalism, individuality take a central stage in wedding dress code. This does not mean all bridal gowns are now pared back and only consist of sleek silhouettes and simple lines — not at all! We see many designers, such as Christine Nicole bridal, or Tatyana Kochnova creating statement masterpieces, with layers of tule, corsets or feathers. Yet there is a tendency of allowing your outfit to be a reflection of yourself, rather than a costume to hide in. The style comes from within. 

        The popularity of white for guest dress code is undeniable, and that is another proof that old rules do not apply anymore. 

        What are your personal recommendations for creating a look?

        Even though I passionately root for design-led weddings, I am going to say that you need to think about the practical side of things first. Think about the location, the venue and the time of the year the event is taking place. Is it hot or breezy? Will it be comfortable to walk in hills or does it make more sense to go for flats? 

        Also remember —  less is more.

        Don’t overthink it, keep it smart and elegant but don’t think about a wedding guest outfit as a red carpet look.