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        Wedding Fashion for Men 2020: Ultra-taught double-breasted tailoring is everywhere for Spring & Summer 2020, there’s also a move toward shallow double-breasted suiting – or one-and-a-half-breasted suiting

        (Brunello Cucinelli)

        Wedding Fashion Men 2020

        Wedding Fashion Inspiration for Men 2020

        Let’s talk groom fashion! It is time for some wedding fashion inspiration for men in 2020.

        It is always noticeable whether a groom has put enough efforts and attention into the process of choosing his outfit for a special wedding day. Unlike the brides, many grooms just follow the flow and go for classical suits which are deemed to be always in fashion. Some get more creative and find exclusive elements to decorate the outfit. Ordering bespoke suits to follow the seasonal wedding fashion trends remains the hardest and most time-consuming challenge for the grooms. But it is really worth it.

        After all some men are more into fashion than others. As long as you are not wearing slippers, you still will be fine.

        We have researched men’s wedding fashion trends for 2020 season and share this short video for your inspiration. Many of the outfits for grooms are featured in the top fashion magazines such as British GQ highlighting the hottest 2020 Spring and Summer trends. Extreme loose double-breasted tailoring for suits is something that will definitely catch your attention, since most of the time we observe grooms going for the slim fitting suits. Loose tailoring might not fit all grooms, but if your wedding is not too conservative, you can let yourself mix things up a little bit.

        The ultra-taught double-breasted tailoring will be a top trend for spring & summer 2020 while shallow double-breasted suiting – or one-and-a-half-breasted suiting gets popular among the designers. The style is determined by a double-breasted construction with more shallow wrap, hence, it works exceptionally well when worn open, making it perfect for hot weather.

        It is all up to your taste.