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        Wedding Bouquet Inspiration for 2021 Weddings

        Little details matter. We all agree with this. At the same time, a wedding is a day that proves it even more. Of course, wedding dress, shoes, jewellery and location are recognised to be the most important parts of bridal style; but since I have been organising editorial shoots for my clients I learnt that wedding bouquet could be a key player in the wedding look.

        How to understand what wedding bouquet to choose?

        A bride’s bouquet, of course, should fit into the general concept of the celebration and combine well with the decor of the site and with the bridal gown. But the main thing is that the bridal bouquet should be reflecting the personality of a bride. So, don’t be afraid to go against the rules and choose the flowers that picture your soul and your love. We have collected some ideas for stylish but not typical wedding bouquet inspiration for 2021 weddings.

        The simpler the better

        Forget about cheesy and tidy bouquets, diamonds and crystals and shouting artificial colours of flowers. The key-words of 2021 bridal flowers is natural freedom. Let’s outline the most trendy features:

        • Wildflowers
        • Dried flowers & pampas grass
        • Aquarelle colour palette
        • The minimalism of tall flowers
        • Falling and cascading florals
        • Retro-bouquets
        • Assimetrical shapes
        • Eco-friendly suppliers

        Seasonality of flowers for a wedding bouquet

        Of course, professional florists always consider seasonality and know that each season has its fashionable flowers. For example, peonies, stylish in May, will look vulgar and artificial in November; and tender, elegant ranunculus looks faux in August. Always be open in your choice of flowers, even if you found an ideal composition when searching for inspiration. Try to describe the feeling that the wedding bouquet should have and trust your florist.

        Shape and composition

        When choosing the shape of a wedding bouquet, it is important to consider the style of a dress and overall decor of your celebration. The classic white princess dress will go along with roses of powder or cappuccino colours.

        If you are tall and thin and going to wear a minimalistic jumpsuit or dress, calla lilies, gladioli and white tulips can be your choice.

        The “mermaid” silhouette perfectly complements the elongated bouquet and cascading flowers.

        A bridal suit will perfectly pair with minimalistic wildflowers like white poppies and camomiles.

        With the deep love for flowers

        We at Still Miracle love flower arrangements and believe that the bridal bouquet shouldn’t be the only blooming part of the wedding. The more – the better. It might sound weird from those who are strongly for moderation and even minimalism. But flowers do look amazing as part of your tables’ and cake decoration. They make any boring wedding arch look special. Flowers bring air and life to any location, but what’s most important they drag all the attention to the one in a white dress.