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        Wedding Decor: Trends in 2022

        wedding decor

        Despite the lockdowns and restrictions, the weddings go on, and so does fashion. What are the popular tendencies in wedding decor now? Smart minimalism, natural colours and creativity run the show. Details? Explore with us below! 

        It is still all about nature

        wedding decor

        Natural wedding decor was gaining popularity before, but restrictions and closed venues straightened that trend even more. It became well liked to hold ceremonies en plein air. The couples adapt the style to the venue and choose the themes that are appropriate for the landscape, the choice of which is quite bride: it can be a garden, a beach, a lake, or even a forest. [добавить слова из русского текста] This way, the nature itself becomes the main decoration. Designers prefer not to overload it with décor, while still adding little touches, to guide the guests and to organise the space.

        Pastel colors 

        wedding decor

        Eye pleasing shades, soft and sedate, are preferred at the moment. The absolute favourites are beige and that particular tone of grey that the French gracefully name taupe, together with old rose and poudre. Green also takes part in the decorations this year, in all its diversity. However, you might want to take a particular look at the mint green and or the so called raw green. Another tonality: blue, the one that reminds you of washed denim. Not to mention the grey, that was acclaimed as the color of the year by the Pantone Institute. All of those choices are wonderful to mix with one or two bolder accents, such as terracotta or yolk yellow. 

        Cosy furniture 

        wedding decor

        Since the prevailing mood of the weddings is cordial, couples prefer to equip the space with canapés, poufs, armchairs stands and low tables. It is a comfortable alternative to the classical long tables with matching chairs. The ceremony should transmit the atmosphere of detention and relaxation. Moreover, avoiding the abundance of furniture adds more “fresh air” to the venue, which is a trend on its own. 

        Dried flowers and other unexpected elements

        wedding decor

        Classical compositions of roses or peonies are all time favourites, and this year’s wedding decor is no exclusions. However, there is a noticeable weakness for experiments with compositions of dried flowers. Besides, flowers themselves have some fresh alternatives – in form of stones, minerals, leaves and even fruits or even seashells. In addition, candles of all shapes and sizes are time-honoured at the fashionable ceremonies presently – of course, with all due safety precautions.  

        Being environmentally conscious is the trend of an epoch. It is no surprise, that it extends on the weddings too. You can avoid plastic, favour recycled materials, try out the alternative confetti, to make your wedding hotter and your conscience clearer. But remember, in the end, there is only one main rule: your wedding décor should match you more than any fashion tendencies.