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        I couldn’t imagine going through this even a week ago. It seemed to be impossible… But here we are: the National Wedding Show has successfully passed:  we met many of gorgeous couples, and received hundreds of tender smiles and tones of inspiring words.  Still Miracle London Photography is now facing its wonderful future!

        But do you know what is the most important thing, when being a wedding photographer in London? 

        Having true friends! Yes, indeed, especially, when you are participating in such a great event!

        I just want to say thank you to Sergino Burnus, Anastasiya Neday, Volodya and Iryna Kalyn, Maria Silina and Kosta Ivanyshyn for your help and for making my big dream come true! We did it! But only because we did it together!

        And of course I want to thank these amazing couples, which I met during the days of the National Wedding Show and hope to see them in short future. In the meantime, please check our instagram and facebook pages for some exclusive offers and have a glance at our wedding portfolio on the website.