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        For many, the thought of planning a wedding is an unclimbable mountain. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re newly engaged and planning your big day, Wedding Suppliers and Still Miracle London Photography Studio have partnered to help you out. 

        In this blog post, we will try to explain why saying ‘I Do’ to a wedding directory might be the best decision you’ll make during the planning process for your once in a lifetime celebration.

        Save the stress with Wedding Suppliers

        With your wedding day on the horizon, you want to be looking and feeling your best. However, more often than not brides find their inner bridezilla and grooms tear their hair out over the planning process. 

        Trying to find the perfect suppliers for your wedding takes time and effort. If you want to continue living your life, this can lead to excessive stress. But it shouldn’t. Planning a wedding is an exciting process that shouldn’t be tarnished by a stress overload searching through endless photographers, cake makers and wedding bands for ‘the one’.

        Wouldn’t it be easier if you could search for everything you need in one place? Well, you can. Wedding directories offer a complete list of everything you’ll need for your dream day, from the photo booth to the centerpieces.

        Take back the time

        Planning a wedding should be all about spending time with your nearest and dearest to create a truly bespoke big day. From saying yes to the dress with your hand-picked entourage to finding the venue of your dreams, you should feel like time has stood still for you to enjoy every experience for what it is.

        But when, according to your comprehensive spreadsheet system, you have a million and one things to do every weekend for an entire year in the run up to your big day, finding the time to take it all in can seem impossible.

        A wedding directory can help you take (some of) the time back.

        No more sifting through google to find the perfect match when it comes to suppliers for your wedding. With a directory, everything is in one place, making searching through the list of the best wedding suppliers in your area that bit easier and far less time consuming. 

        What’s more, many directories have mobile apps, so you can carry on your search when you’re on the move, on your lunch break or standing in the queue at the supermarket. From making searches and registering interest to organising a meeting, these apps take wedding shopping to the next level.


        Pinch the pennies

        …and the pounds. One thing you’ll find out sooner rather than later as a newly engaged couple is that weddings are costly. But you can create your dream event without breaking the bank. 

        Expensive isn’t always best. Weddings, for the most part, are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it’s important not to cut corners. But by searching for wedding suppliers through a wedding directory you can easily find exactly what you’re after, and compare prices with similar competitors. 

        Companies listed on wedding directories have undergone rigorous vetting to get there. Usually professionally accredited as well as highly reputable in their field, when you find a bridal shop, solemniser or videographer through a directory, you gain peace of mind that they’re the cream of the crop.

        If you’re getting married and looking for smart ways to save yourself stress, time and money, why not take a look at a recognised wedding directory. You never know, it could be the virtual solution that makes your big day one you and your loved ones will never forget.