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        It has been the most challenging photography project in history of Still Miracle Photography Studio.

        After being selected by Booking.com as an accredited photographer for a new London City Guide project, we had an amazing experience of producing great destination images of the top landmarks and points of interest in London.

        This London City Guide will be a special source telling the story of the city and enticing travellers to explore new places. 

        The goal was not just to portray the exterior and interior of the venue but to bring a place to life capturing authentic and inspirational content that evokes feelings of taking it all in, and tells a story of the activities that tend to occur at a certain location.

        The challenge was to shoot fifty locations within the limited time constraints and to be ready for various unexpected shooting conditions at the venues ranging from the football stadiums and parks to iconic fish & chips cafes and underground jazz clubs. 

        The project required not only street photography, reportage and staging skills, but also to apply creativity under unpredictable circumstances. 

        It was a great experience to meet new people and discover lots of fantastic places worth paying a visit in London. 

        Here are just some shots to give you a feeling of what we have experienced in London.