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        Being a London photographer for quite a long time, I’ve decided to publish my list of places, you should definitely visit.

        1. St. Paul’s Shopping Centre.

          The roof of this unremarkable shopping centre opens the most wonderful view, you can imagine.
          The majestic cathedral is just at your fingertips. Appearing on the same level with St. Paul’s dome, you feel how small you are and can see how wonderful is London. More than that, if you are a photographer, you can make unbelievable pictures.










        2. Big Ben from Westminster Bridge.

        If you are desperate to see and to take a picture of Big Ben, come to Westminster bridge around 4pm just before the end of a working day and a sunset. If you are extremely lucky, the eastern side of a bridge will have less tourists than usually. It is definitely the best place to make a selfie with the Parliament, covered in the sunshine. Forget about the sunshine. You are in London.
        dsc_3190_11280x854 dsc_59991280x854

        3. South bank and the city view

        Lots of tourists wonder around Tate Modern and don’t even know that Millenium Bridge and the bank on the museum side is could be an ideal place for a photoshoot in London. Pictures, taken there can be ideal for a corporate photoshoot, couple photos or even family photos. Just be brave to find your angle.

        dsc_02201280x854 dsc_03781280x854

        4. Shoreditch and its unique atmosphere

        My first London photoshoots were done in Shoreditch. It is the most strange and awesome district at the same time: every wall there is an art. And you will find your own ideal place for a photoshoot.

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        5. Romantic Canary Wharf

        Despite the feeling that Canary Wharf is cold and busy, it is very romantic and attractive for couples especially. Still Miracle London Photography has had lots of photos taken there. Just next to the tube station by the river bank you can make an unforgettable photo and then enjoy a lovely evening in the closest restaurant, watching floating boats and passing trains.

        dsc_345952x805price girls1920x1280frontpage





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