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        How to find stock photos for the website? Still Miracle London Photography know the answer

        London Tower Bridge LondonBridge Open Bridge Britain stock photos

        In the new era of technologies and the Internet, I believe hardly anyone have never had tried to develop his own website. Though writing the content takes time and some effort, usually it is much more problematic to find the stock photos, which will be ideal for your website .

        Oh, I know, what you are going through. It takes ages to check all he links and images that google offered. But to make the long story short, I will try to help you, sharing my personal professional experience.

        Yes, googling stock pictures is one of several options you have. But definitely not the optimal one.

        Better option is professional stock website like shutterstock  or  alamy Just type the keywords and here you are in front of professionally taken and relevant!!! pictures, which you can buy. You also should be aware that the price of the same picture will different depending, how you are going to use it.  For example the price for a simple online publication will differ from an advertising one.City of London in the mist. Rainy London, St Paul, stock photos

        However, being a professional photographer for almost 10 years, I know that it still will be tricky, and quite expensive. I work with some online medias, including famous newspapers and online blogs. They need hundreds of photos everyday, so what is the solution? Hundreds of photographers, they order the photos from. Really easy and definitely cheaper than stock.

        Cat sleeping kitten meow pet love stock photos

        You will be surprised, but photographers do have plenty of images to offer and will be quite generous when sharing them. Most of photographers also offer the photoshoots for your website, during which they will take the pictures you were dreaming of, but couldn’t find. In this case stock photos will made specially for you, just as  you imagined. Isn’t it simpler?


        Don’t hesitate to ask photographers, whose style you like if they can help. They do! And they will be happy. Have you already checked our instagram page: www.instagram.com/still_miracle and some of our online galleries?