Basics of being a model
06/19/2017 by Diana in Blog 0 Comments

How to look good in the pictures? That’s the main question for most of my clients. If you are just looking for an ordinary photograph next to Big Ben, then you definitely don’t need this article. Because we are going to teach how to become a part of a masterpiece here. I’ve already written the article of top London locations and now I will share with you ten main rules how to take beautiful pictures worked out from my working practices. So here they are – ten main rules: 1. Your pose should be natural. Remember: any pose, which is not comfortable for you, wouldn’t look good on a photo. Try to avoid all artificial gestures, which do not suit you. 2. Ask your photographer to go out. Photos ink the streets or in the parks are much better than anywhere inside. 3. Try to think of something pleasant. Unless you want to look sad in the pictures, try to smile, but naturally. Usually, I advise my models to think of sweets, kittens or kids. those thoughts help to relax. 4. Turn 3/4 to the cameras and try not to look into a camera. Photos will become more interesting if there […]

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